Fungi as alternative material – Elisa, Lnaz, Syree (updated)





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  1. Reflection:

    Fungi seems to be really allround product. By reading your research and articles we have some questions popping into our heads. If the product is so allround, why isn’t it well known yet? Does this product also have some negative parts? Is it really strong enough to survive? We would like to see some clear results.

    People did some art projects with this material, that’s interesting. But does this kind of projects place the material in the right section?

    We would like to see how the steps you have to take to make and use fungi, made visual. We think that would make clear what the product exactly is.

    About the presentation, the presentation was a bit long. So we went earlier to the conclusion because the presentation was running out of time. We missed the catch of the product, maybe it is the problem that the product it is so allround. What the future of the product is, isn’t really clear to us. It can go different ways and that makes it unclear.

    Altrough, the product and material has a lot of positive sides. For the future, we think it could work but we need a clear target point for the product and material.

    Written by: Lotte Vos & Sophie van Werven

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