Aimée Wattimurij en Yevegeny Daal



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  1. With your research, it was pretty clear that you have followed your ambitions as Spatial Designers. We believe that you could benefit from this in the future.
    Your research makes some points clear about living on water, because by the looks of it, this is a realizable concept with a promising perspective on the future.
    However, there is still a lack of the reason why we would actually want to live underwater? Your research about living underwater just ended at one point, and we would have liked to learn more about this.
    The Dutch are famous for building islands (for example: Flevoland and their involvement with Dubai), maybe it would have been interesting if you compared this to your version of ‘Living on water’ and see whatever is more efficient or sustainable.
    Reading your research surprised us, because your presentation did not reveal a lot of this text. That is a shame because maybe if you rehearsed the presentation a little more, it would have made your presentation much stronger.
    All in all, we both find the subject you have chosen very interesting, because it is not the first thing that people might think of concerning sustainability

    Ricardo & Lianne

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