Month: February 2017

Reflection for Fish leather project

This article describes well the idea, process and use of the fish skin in this specific project of Nienke Hoogvliet. We get a very good insight to the qualities of the material. It is great that she has been personally interviewed, although theres some questions about the sustainability of the process and the origin of the used materials.
It would have been interesting to know where the fish skins are gathered, since the fish industry is not very ethical or sustainable. In the text it’s mentioned that Nienke gets them from fishshops, but some more investigation of the origin of the fish could have been interesting. I assume Nienke uses the fishskin also because it is otherwise waste. So doesn’t it loose the whole point in case it would come from a fishfarm and we would support this action? Nienke mentioned that she attended a workshop by a man specialized in traditional craftmanship. How well is this process of turning fish into skin suited for the modern ways of consuming? It sounds like a lot of water is used in the process of turning the skin usable. So in the end how sustainable is the process of producing fish leather compared to other leathers?