The Drinkable Book – Sophie & Leon



The Drinkable book – form


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  1. Reflection The Drinkable Book by Elisa, Lnaz and Syree:

    So the concept of your research was clear. It is also good that you changed your research question: How can we make The Drinkable Book more economical to how can the drinkable book draw more attention? It shows that you were critical enough to see what was really missing which was the need for attention and to be known in the world so they could get more donation and sponsors. This brings up to our next point which is the boekenbon. Really nice idea and initiative of you guys.
    On the blog there is your presentation powerpoint and the research article. The research seems to be already existed and not written by you. It was also very long, so we skipped some parts. But the research article do give a good idea to what you have been doing in this elective. But we would really liked to read something in your own words, rather than gathering information.
    Your presentation in class had good info, but we still miss some things for example about how the mechanism of the book works, but we understand that there was little or no time at all.

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