Ricardo & Lianne



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  1. An enthousiastic presentation from a vegetarian and a meat eater.
    They gave a short introduction to the well known problem of the meat industrie in the world. And why they think fake meat would be the solution.
    Beside this they looked to the impact of a good design off the promotion of fake-meat. This was a intresting turn of there presentation. They strengthened their arguments with intervieuws, facts and their own test.

    They presented in a way that it was easy for the audience to follow. Beside the fact that the presentation got interrupted, they still stayed enthousiastic which was nice to see.

    To complement their research it would be intresting if they looked to the inpact of the packing desing to the environment and society. For the presentation itself they may could have rehearsed it so they wouldn’t have to rush certain parts.
    Overall it was an interesting presentation.

    Ivana & Floor

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