Ivana & Floor | lantable coffee cup



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  1. FEEDBACK (group: plastic economy)

    Presentation: Enthusiastic and good visuals. Understanding diagrams and great that you showed an experiment (#mygrowcup). .

    Essay: A lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, even in titles (Is it ‘Plantble’, ‘Plantebe’ or ‘planteble’?). Interesting subject but not a main question (hoofdvraag). We did like the fact that you wanted to involve the academy, but we don’t feel like you really put effort into realizing this. We expected a more structured business plan to present to the academy after reading the introduction.
    We can see you’ve put effort into making your own cup and getting to know the company ‘Plantble’. But you could have been a bit more critical; comparing it to other companies and solutions.
    Reading the interview with John G is interesting and you probably learned a lot from talking to him. He is critical about the coffee cup and we think that you could had used his knowledge more in your essay.

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