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  1. My short reaction on this investigation:

    First I am really excited about the diagrams you two made. They are very clear and all look the same, but keep out for giving double information in different diagrams. The information that you give in the article is good, but I can’t find where you found it. It’s essential to mention your sources in a investigation like this one. I also miss the interview in your investigation, I don’t know if there is a reason for this but it is a big part of the assignment that you miss. At last you have to make sure that everything is written in one language, it’s mostly written in English, but sometimes there are some dutch sentences in between. Further there’s one sentences in the first diagram in another colour, but I don’t know why?
    That is my reflection, I like your investigation and the information is good. The things you could do better are mostly about lay out and spelling or things you have forgotten to do.

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