(12 January) ‘EAT’ – Lotte Vos & Sophie van Werven




One comment

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is the “shock-effect”.

    How will this become a maxi preferably a maxi trend? An ideal situation would be if it snowball effects into real impact.

    The research was “We would like to do more research about where meat comes from and make this visual. Our goal is to make people more aware of where meat comes from, performed in a different way.”

    So connecting the source of the meat to what consumers see in the supermarket I conclude.

    But what is really being communicated with these pictures?

    Meat is bad.
    Meat comes from dead animals.
    Before it came on your plate it was alive.

    It visualises the negative effects for animals. I think you should focus more on the environmental effects and how that can affect everyone.

    The ethical question if we should eat meat versus environmental impact (carbon emissions).

    The next step for you is to look on the impact that visuals have (media) or maybe another approach.

    Taxes on co2 emissions could be a solution to the problem.
    Making meat expensive.

    Take cigarettes for example. They where/are a habitual problem but by visualising negative effects the profile visualisation of a smoking person now versus 50 years ago is a huge difference. Also making this more expensive triggered people to change.

    You’re goal is to change the consumers food habits focussing on meat.
    If you approach it from a different angle it can have more impact. Focus on other possibilities that people could incorporate into their lives.

    Because what will they actually do after seeing these picture’s of dead animals?

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