10 sustainable projects – by Madelief & Boaz

-Floating fish cage, Aquapod, drifting freely of the coast of Hawaii. youtube, aqua pod

-Vertical farm, Nest We Grow in Hokkaido. To produce food on less square meters of available space.

-Wind powered mine-sweeper, Mine Kafon, sweeping mines at the cost of no more than $50,-?!

The new raw plastic workshop in syros investigates sustainable solutions to plastic pollution, proposing ideas to promote plastic into a circulair economy.

BU water uses bamboo filter to provide sustainable substitute to throwaway bottles, eliminating the need to purchase bottled mineral water over- and over again.

-PNAT builds jellyfish barge for sustainable crop cultivation, independent from water, oil and other resources.

woody skateboards repurpose urban wood for sustainable shredding. Crafted from trees felled for city renewal.

Michael verhaeren’s sustainable + compact bamboo bicycle. A simple yet sturdy bamboo framed bicycle to rival other bamboo bikes which require difficult manufacturing procedures.

-Sleek Sustainable Housing By Stephane Malka Architecture, ‘Ame-lot’, to accommodate students.

-A Furniture Made From Seaweed. Sea Me, by Dutch designer Nienke Hoogvliet is a series of modern pieces of furniture dyed with seaweed.


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