maartje jairo (10 voorbeelden/inspiratie projecten)

eind presentatie (presentatie blood)

keuzevak-essay (essay)


Interview slaughter company Beerten (local pig slaughter) how much of the animal blood is going to waste? If we see the number of the first quarter of 2015, we see that about 90% of the entire blood is going to humane consumption. You could think about pharmacy, pigment coloring, the binding process of meat and than you also have some different other purposes. Still it is difficult to calculate the exact number because some of the blood is going to waste while slaughter and the consumption purposes change, sometimes every month. Do you think there could be invented good uses with the 10% blood waste? I don’t know, maybe it could be but there is some taboo laying on the use of blood and also on the rest parts of the pig. People don’t realize that if you slaughter a whole pig, you don’t only get ribeye or burgers. Can you maybe give us some more specific number on the humane consumption of blood? Like we said, it is difficult but I can give you the number of last years September parmacy: 38% binding meat: 23% overig: 8%




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