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The Green Bin concept is a environment friendly product.

In one year the World generates approximately 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage, of which half of it is not recyclable. The question is: WHERE DOES THE GARBAGE GOES?

59% of the garbage ends up in landfills, open areas that are filled with all kind of waste, from plastic to toxic! In this modern World we are using on a daily base an enormous amount of plastic, and we are creating a lot of plastic waste! For the plastic to decompose it takes from 200-1000 years, which means that we are intoxicating a lot of future generations.

How to use and reuse the waste and make it useful?

The answer is the GREEN BIN!

The bin is made out of recycled paper that was transformed in to pulp and molded in to a container to be used as a compost bin!

The GREEN BIN is very handy and light and it is 100% natural material!

Once Your container is filled with all the food waste (that is suitable for the compost), You can put it in the ground in Your garden, and after some weeks it will decompose completely and transform in to compost, natural fertilizer, that will feed your greens.

Think green, use the GREEN BIN and save the PLANET!


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