Rain Purification Basket

imageSponges are known as ultra tough little animals.

Due to their unique qualities, they can endure great challenges.

But more important for us; we explored their purificatimageion qualities. From there, we wanted to create objects with these sponges so people on the move, especially in the Netherlands, could benefit from collecting rainwater (by drinking or using it otherways) with their sponge-objects.

In short: The Netherlands is a rainy country, with the help of these sponges we hoped to create oppurtunities to clear our natural water. image image

First we had to explore the usage of sponges in everyday products. We thought a bicycle-basket might do the job, since we are creating this project in the Netherlands of course.. Then we went on collecting facts about the clarity of our rainwater. There were a lot of different outcomes, from way to dirty (i.e. dangerous/heavy metals) to almost drinkable. So we assumed it had to be purificated before one could drink it.

Then came the realisation part. We went shopping for natural sponges, and after that we had to somehow put them together to create the ‘basket’.

It is important to consider that this project might be a realistic solution to make more and more water drinkable. The outcome of this specific project is pure hypothetical and has an esthetic value.

Sophie Bustin, Femke de Snoo


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