We have found a simple solution to re-use leather leftovers. Since it’s a big waisting problem which happens all over the world, we wanted think of a way to reduce the amount that’s not being used. For instance, fashion and furniture labels are producing a lot of products from leather, and millions of animals get killed for it. We stand by the idea of using natural materials, but most of the time when the right shapes are cut out of the leather, the rest of it gets thrown away. Now we get that leather is a hard material to re-use of recicle, but we wanted to maybe find a way to use the smaller parts of leather in a usefull way.


Our first step was to search for products that already exists, and how we could think of a better, smarter and more sustainable idea. But since most products here get thrown away after short time we though about giving it some use for people who need it more than we do.


Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian disaster of our time. The number of innocent civilians suffering, more than 11 million people are displaced,  and the increasingly dire impact on neighboring countries can seem to overwhelming to understand.

And since leather is a material with a lot of good qualities, why not make something for them to make their lives a little easier.

11137000_813455268735661_957417218_n 11139915_813230095424845_1137502733_n

We talked a lot about something they need that we could make out of spare leather, and in the end we decided to make slippers. Something that a lot of people miss and would make their lives a little easier. Health is a important factor in surviving the war, and with naked feet you get hurt faster while walking or catch a cold.

The idea is to gather spare leather and press it together and make slippers out of it.

design for impact


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