G-Star Raw & Bionic Yarn


G-Star Raw & Bionic Yarn
Is this project really sustainable?

Raw for the oceans, a project from G-Star to make denim jeans out of recycled plastic from the oceans.

The collaboration between G-star and Bionic Yarn is as follows:

First the plastic is grind to a pulp. Then, this pulp is processed into fibers, which are wraped in each other. The plastic yarns are reinforced with polyester yarn and around it is a helix outer layer from cotton.
Bionic Yarnwins’ plastic from the oceans and processes it into yarn, and the yarn is woven into denim fabric.
This creates a strong Bionic Yarn yarn. Then the yarn is woven into fabric and then this fabric is deliverd to G-star.
The story which Bionic Yarn brings out raises questions with us.

How they get the plastic from the oceans? Is that in a sustainable manner and the ocean ecosystem will not be affected?

We have found that Bionic Yarn does not show the entire process. The plastic is not necessarily won in a good way from the oceans.

We have also questioned the process, is it chemical-free? It is handled in the right way to denim, especially the dying process.

Our conclusion is that the RAW FOR THE OCEANS project from G-Star Raw and Bionic Yarn is more environmentally friendly and sustainable then normal produced jeans.

With room for improvement, we have chosen the concept of Boyan Slat with his OCEAN CLEANUP. This is a sustainable way to win plastic from the oceans and because the ecosystem of the oceans is almost unaffected.

It works like a big vacuum that sucks up the plastic and the water and the fishes go through it. it doesnt affect the ecosystem.

We couldn’t figure out how the fabric is dyed but we are almost sure that it’s not dyed in a sustainable way because this is almost impossible for such a large amount of fabric plus it’s expensive to dye it sustainably. But as if improvement G-Star Raw, could dye the fabric also biologically through plants and natural products. But they would have to invest a lot of money and research in this aspect.


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