SolaRoad – Jazz Tonna & Elmar janse


Conclusion After we visited TNO multiple times and seeing the potential of the project once more we raised ourself the main question another time: can SolaRoad be used on a worldwide base in the near future? That still is a difficult question to answer. We spoke to multiple parties, in- and outside the project and the one thing they all agreed to was that besides SolaRoad having a lot of potential, the project is making very slow progress. As we mentioned in our book, only a few meters are currently used. It might take decades to start making panels in ordinary suburban roads. And if it does take that long to evolve, we think SolaRoad won’t be the solution. Panels are big and very vulnerable. In 10 or 15 years there will be new technique and with it new possibilities. So maybe an evolving and improved SolaRoad which is easy to apply will change the entire world.


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