Package-Free Store Project

Sustainability Project, Pleun Samuels


One comment

  1. Critical Reflection – Manouk Venema voor: Pleun Samuels

    Packaging free stores

    • The concept is clear
    • the questions are also clear, but kind of obvious
    • Giving a very nice way to come to a conclusion, by involving the social matter of the research, the costumers.
    • The video adds to your research, it gives information about what their concepts are, and what the experiences are (inside the store).
    • I like the way you also bring in farmers & local production in your research.

    • Question is simple solution to your research (maybe too easy)
    • Sources are missing in this research
    • You barely showed us where the numbers came from, again missing sources, who said this? Is this someone we can trust this truth upon?
    • There’s no clear information how much is saved on the packaging. As well as how it’s shipped etc.
    • You’re conclusion isn’t based on enough “proof” but this is also connected to the other points I mentioned.
    • Problem: you already “had” your conclusion ready

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