It is possible to have a green water filtering accessible for any kind of home.



With this essay we will describe and explain the possibilities to have green water filtering which is accessible in any kind of home. We believe this is a very important matter because clean water should be available for everyone. This must be and could be done in a green and sustainable way. There are a lot of solutions out there ready to be used and installed in every kind of home.

The average human uses an astonishing 4000 liters per day. The water that’s been used to produce your food is calculated with this average. That’s a lot of water and we can’t keep up this paste. Therefore designers, scientist and other researchers have developed diverged sort of systems for green water filtering. There are a lot of possibilities for consumers to have such green water filtering in their homes. 3)

The problem is that some of this systems cost a lot of money and also the costs for installing in homes is not a low budget thing. There is a design that’s called helofytenfilter. As you can see on the image below it is a big installation. We understand that this could scare people for choosing that kind of green water filtering in there own home.


But we believe that this could be a solution for companies and some industries where they using a lot of water per day. They have the money to install this design. Or it can be installed in areas around the world where there is a short supply of clean water. With the help of charities and other organizations we can provide clean water for those who aren’t that fortunate as us.


2)An other argument against alternative water containment and filtering is that the water is not a 100 percent clean. Thereby it could contain E.coli and other harmful bacteria. Water such as rainwater that’s been stored for a long time can contain these bacteria. Although rainwater is used mostly for irrigation; there is a growing interest in using rainwater for drinking and other indoor uses. Over 50 percent of household water is used indoors; bringing rain indoors could save the expense and environmental costs of treating and transporting water. 1)


A option to filter this rainwater could be a so-called dynafilter. This is a design that filters water with the help of sand. The sand in the dynafilter is adapted sand. Adapted with a substance from a wonder tree (no this is not a fairy tale). Scientist recently discovered a substance in a tree that kills harmful bacteria in water. It makes the idea for green and sustainable water filtering, accessible for every household. They abstracted it from the seeds of the wonder tree. Then they added this to the sand that’s been used by a system such as the dynafilter. The image on the left is an example of a dynafilter that can be installed in houses, office buildings and so on.

At least we all could start by installing one of these installations as the image above. It filters the water from your sink and can be used to flush the toilet, potentially saving a household up to 5,000 gallons of potable water each year.




So in the end, yes we all can have a green water filtering system build in our homes. But we need to change our mind-set. If we invest in techniques like we described in this essay, it is possible. We are getting used on the luxury to have clean water in a twist of a hand. But the process to make it that clean is not sustainable and green. We think the responsible lays by the governments and companies to convince people to invest in green water filtering. If they take that responsible we all can use clean water with a minimal damage to mother nature.








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